RingoFire: Oconee on Air

By Caleb Howell | September 9, 2020

With Oconee Valley bringing its top-grade artesian water to Greenville, South Carolina, RingoFire was on top of getting Oconee airtime with Your Carolina.

Our Director of Marketing, Tyler Williams, and Account Manager, Dillon Carpenter took the time to sit down, via Zoom, and speak with Your Carolina’s Jamarcus Gaston about the health benefits and delivery system that Oconee Valley is bringing to Greenville.


“Our goal was to emphasis the ease of Oconee’s delivery system, as well as the benefits of drinking Oconee Valley water,” said Williams. “We recorded the segment via Zoom in our own studio so we were able to create our own set and show all products. Creating the opportunity to advertise Oconee Valley on Your Carolina allowed us to reach a greater audience and show local viewers a great product we believe in.”

Oconee Valley is the first and only certified artesian water in South Carolina. Oconee Valley bottles it’s water in Tamassee, S.C. (adjacent to Sumter National Forest). The water is bottled directly at the source, passing through 2 filters for removing sediment, and then exposed to Ultraviolet light as required by the FDA. 

The artesian water contains large amounts of Calcium, Magnesium, and Sodium. These elements work together to produce a clean mountain water taste along with natural bicarbonate. Drinking Oconee Valley water aids in the protection of muscle tissues, central nervous system, and can help regulate internal pH in the digestive system. 

Right now, Greenville residents can get 20% off their first order of Oconee Valley Artesian Water when they use the promo code “GVL20.” Sign up online at www.oconeevalley.com to take your first steps in enjoying Oconee’s healthy and refreshing water.

You can watch the segment from Your Carolina here.