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Greenville Ad Agency Revives Historic Mill Space

RingoFire, Greenville SC – Conceived as an after-hours digital marketing firm in 2016, RingoFire’s two-man operation ran out of a small, informal office beside a downtown Greenville parking garage. A modest list of local clients called on RingoFire to optimize their online strategies, as the fledgling company began charting a course that would lead to exponential growth. As business flourished and the company grew into a full-service marketing agency, RingoFire’s team moved to spaces in the old Chamber of Commerce Building in 2017. The new digs were thoughtfully outfitted to suit the forward-thinking and vibrant spirit of the firm.

Today, to better service a growing list of clients, the RingoFire team (now more than 25 strong) has happily settled in at their newest facilities.

The agency saw a world of potential in an historic mill located 10 minutes outside of downtown Greenville. The Southern Weaving Company set up shop on Bramlett Road in the early 1920’s. They enjoyed healthy growth as an industrial textile manufacturer, and developed new facilities as recently as the 1980’s. Following a shift in operation practices, Southern Weaving’s Bramlett Rd facility went up for sale in 2018.

“We loved the possibilities of this space,” said RingoFire CEO Brian Stearns. “This property had it all: history, location and room for the future.” Renovations began in January 2020, and reached completion in early May. The buildings have been updated to include the most current technological and practical necessities, while beautifully preserving the architectural elements that pay homage the space’s 100-year history.

RingoFire’s new space includes offices for account management and digital operations, as well as modern studios for photography and video production.

ABOUT RingoFire
RingoFire is an upstate South Carolina-based marketing & advertising agency, specializing in strategic and creative marketing solutions. With more than 20 years of combined experience in developing strategies and consumer / community-driven solutions, the agency provides services to increase awareness, sell products, drive foot-traffic, showcase events and build a strong digital voice for each client.

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