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Creative Agency

RingoFire is a marketing, advertising and product innovation agency located in the historic mill village of Greenville, SC. We specialize in strategic and creative marketing solutions.

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Our Team

Brian profile

Brian J. Sterns


Todd Profile

Todd C. Johnston

Partner | Chief Creative Officer

Richard profile

Richard Carrizales II

Partner | VP of business operations

Marco profile

Marco Carrizales

Partner | VP of business development

Matt profile

Matt Tyo

Chief Financial Officer

Nick - RingoFire Greenville SC Marketing Agency

Nick Barr

Group Creative Director

Stephanie profile

Stephanie Burroughs

Director of Graphic Design

Justin profile

Justin Nix

Director of Photography

Tyler profile

Tyler Williams

Director of Marketing

Carlee profile

Carlee Ashy

Associate Art Director

Kaia Profile

Kaia Vaughn

Director of Web Development

Carissa Profile

Carissa Finan


Will - RingoFire Greenville SC Marketing Agency

William McCarty

Senior Content Strategist

Liam - RingoFire Greenville SC Marketing Agency

Liam Whalen

Group Account Supervisor

Jared Profile

Jared Stauffer

Senior Account Manager

Reese profile

Reese Garcia

Senior Account Manager

Sarah profile

Sarah Johnson

Senior Account Manager

Melissa profile

Melissa Hearn

Senior Account Manager

Dillion profile

Dillon Carpenter

Account Manager

Rashell Profile

Rashell O’Neal

Account Manager

Lane profile

Lane Brady

Account Manager

Hope - RingoFire Greenville SC Marketing Agency

Hope Emerson

Account Manager

Jeff profile

Jeff Cook

Account Coordinator 

Jake profile

Jake Riggins

Videographer & Editor

Landon - RingoFire Greenville SC Marketing Agency

Landon Bernard

Videographer & Editor

David profile

David Koprowski

Studio & Production Assistant

Rivers Profile

Rivers Hiller

Graphic Designer

Megan Adams - RingoFire Greenville SC

Megan Adams

Graphic Designer

Drew profile

Drew Faith

Business Operations Analyst 

Jordan Dun - RingoFire Greenville SC

Jordon Dun

Marketing Content Strategist

Paul profile

Paul Tyson

Marketing Associate

Ellen profile

Ellen Brown

Accounts Payable Specialist

Debra Profile

Debra Metz

Office Manager

Caleb profile

Caleb Howell

Community & public relations associate

Jack - RingoFire greenville SC Marketing Agency

Jack Blanco

Video Intern

Belle - RingoFire Greenville SC Marketing Agency

Belle Kenny

Graphic Design Intern

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