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Ringo Routines | COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 cannot and WILL NOT slow the RingoFire team down! The transition from office to home was a tedious — but necessary — process, but this team quickly rose to the challenge. Kitchen tables turned into office desks, studios moved to garages, and video chats became the standard for communication.

“Our design team has remained so strong through this pandemic. We quickly adjusted to working remotely, utilizing new forms of communication, and wearing business casual shirts with pajama pants (shout out to our morning google hangout calls haha)… We will no doubt come out of this stronger than before.”

– Carlee Ashy | Senior Graphic Designer

“Working from home isn’t always easy, but our account management team has done a great job pivoting to serve our clients and provide as much care and support as we can. We believe our role as account managers is to provide solutions to problems and pain points and be a source of strategy and vision during this time; however, we also want to be a source of kindness and understanding to all clients big and small.”

– Jared Stauffer | Account Manager

In a time of social distancing, the RingoFire team has not become distant at all. This pandemic has made our team more agile and adaptive than ever before. We quickly adjusted our marketing plans to highlight delivery, online ordering, and helpful ways to stay safe, like adding 40% humidity to your home. Whether it’s getting a new mattress without leaving your couch or going outside to tackling an untamed yard, we have partnered with our clients to create a strategy that keeps them in the conversation.”

– Tyler Williams | Associate Director of Marketing & Advertising

Resilience has been our word to live by during these trying times. It has been such a pleasure to continue to serve our essential clients! We just had to get into our new Ringo Routines.

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