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The Monumental Power of Strategy

Monument Grills was a fresh name to the grilling space. RingoFire was recruited to help build a strong presence for this promising brand on social media. Together, we launched marketing campaigns leading to their highest ever month of sales.

The Challenge

Monument Grills is a manufacturer of high quality, affordable propane grills, gas grills, and grill accessories. Founded by a team of experts in grill design and manufacturing, Monument Grills have superior features at a value price.

As a relatively new brand to the grilling landscape, Monument was looking for new ways to invite a social audience to share in the fun of grilling with the release of new products, recipes, and experiences.

burgers on grill
steaks going on grill
meat being seasoned

Our Solution

Transforming a relatively unknown brand into a trusted household name is a multi-year undertaking. The first year brought tremendous success, proving we were on the right track. RingoFire successfully pushed the Monument Brand into a well-saturated space, creating a digital voice strong enough to be heard alongside big names like Weber, Char-broil, Nexgrill and Broil King BBQ.

In just eight short months, RingoFire has grown the Monument Grills Facebook page to over 15,000 followers, surpassing Nexgrill and steadily approaching Broil King BBQ, with a lot of room for continued growth. And that’s just the beginning.

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Our Process

Previous experiments with Google Advertising and Social Media Marketing had not yielded the ROI Monument had hoped. However, rather than abandoning all efforts, the company partnered with RingoFire, optimistic that our group’s expertise might be the golden ticket the brand needed to effectively penetrate consumer consciousness.

Working within a reasonable budget, RingoFire was entrusted with Monument Grill’s brand marketing & advertising.

Since partnering with Monument Grills, RingoFire has assisted in successfully launching the brand in Lowe’s stores, driving in-store awareness, and impacting the digital space; directing traffic to both and their proprietary online store, where the brand sells direct-to-consumer.