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Social Media Marketing Tips From Experts at RingoFire

It is evident in our culture that the world of social media has become an online extension of our physical selves. It is where people virtually connect, share their experiences, stories, and even our lunch. Now, with the significance of social media marketing, the competition of posting has never been so strategic.

At RingoFire, our account managers go above and beyond to stay on top of trends, analytics, and comparing what type of posts engage with their client’s audiences, and what types of posts do not.

To gain a better understanding of how the minds of our genius account managers and social media marketers strategize and think outside the box, here is a compiled list of tips and tricks our team find valuable.

Influencers are a great way to get eyes on your products. Giveaways are a great way to get people excited about your product.” -Jeff Cook, Marketing Associate

“Quality content takes time and thought. Plan ahead, build a shot list, and bring props. 4 hours of planning and shooting can give you content for WEEKS!” -Tyler Williams, Director of Marketing

Plan out. Be consistent. Be authentic. Out-dream and out-create the field. Push yourself for creativity. If the consumer can create for themselves whatever it is that you’re putting in front of them, you’ve lost.” -Lane Brady, Account Manager

“Collaborate on copywriting and image selection. What you think sounds great may sound a little off to a coworker. Make sure to keep the brand voice consistent – you want the brand to sound like themselves, not you or your coworkers.” -Sarah Johnson, Senior Account Manager

“Know your audience and relate to them through intentional, well-placed content and thought out messaging.” -Jared Stauffer, Senior Account Manager

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