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Product Innovation


Product Innovation keeps your brand relevant in an ever-evolving consumer market. RingoFire’s team includes professional product innovators who have successfully created, launched, and sold 100+ SKUs into the hardware industry. Whatever stage you’re at, we can jump in and hit the accelerator to get your new product in the hands of the target consumer. Let’s team up to introduce the next must-have product to your industry.


Product Conceptualization

1 Your brand’s very own shark tank. RingoFire’s creative team thinks inside and outside of the box to generate an original product idea or put a patentable spin on an existing one.

End-User Research

2 Your customer is the key to your success. We’ve got the tools to get inside the mind of the end user, unpack their market perceptions, understand their experiences, and identify opportunities to better meet their needs.


Product Design

3 Ringofire is a group of Marketers and Makers. We’ll create a design for your new product that is tailored to your customer’s demands and your budget goals.


4 We’ll take care of the nuts and bolts.



5 Get your brand’s idea off the ground with RingoFire’s prototyping services; every element of concept and user research stitched together in a tangible, testable product.

IP Filing

6 The process of protecting intellectual property is essential, and often laborious. RingoFire’s team includes successful innovators who have been there, done that, and we’re ready to handle IP Filing for your brand.



7 Our team’s comprehensive training in product management makes RingoFire the perfect partner to scout out & contract your new product’s sourcing. End goal: Optimal performance & maximum profitability.

Product Testing

8 The final step before mass production & market, RingoFire is ready to put the product through the wringer to make sure it’s ready to meet your customer’s every expectation.


ready to create your product?

ready to create your product?