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Influencer Marketing

This leading form of marketing focuses on partnering with established online voices to drive your brand's message, awareness, and sales to a larger consumer market (aka - their followers). Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, we tap into our pool of DIY, lifestyle, professional, and celebrity bloggers and influencers to get the word out for you.

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Ambassador Programs

Community-building is an important and exciting way for brands to connect with their customer. The idea is simple: create a platform for your customers to learn, share, get inspired, and feel connected to your services/products. RingoFire develops Community/Ambassador platforms and our brands reap the benefits of connecting with the voice of their consumer. Enthusiastic customers share tips, show off projects, ask questions and make suggestions, while your brand enjoys the buzz.


Brand Reputation, Review Management, & CGC

Your customers are talking to you. We help you engage. Consumer-Generated Content (CGC), such as Reviews and Customer Questions are rich fields for harvesting brand advocates. We help you manage your online reviews, engage your questioning customers, keep tabs on your product reviews, and help with review collection. We offer services through the BazaarVoice platform and help your brand connect better on Social Media.

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Public Relations

Top level PR requires top-level experience. RingoFire helps each client with some form of Public Relations. Our exclusive PR partner, Kathryn Emery (former PR leader at The Home Depot for 18 years) helps lead our day to day PR campaigns, tours, initiatives and storytelling efforts for many of our incredible clients. From full-on media tours, press events, influencer events, trade show activations, and live TV, RingoFire is able to assist with and lead your brands Public Relations.

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let's get connected