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Account Manager

Our account managers are responsible for overseeing projects, communication, organization, campaign scheduling and maintaining positive relationships with our clients. RingoFire account managers help determine client goals, short-term and long-term, while ensuring the agency delivers and exceeds expectations. Client satisfaction is top priority at RingoFire, and our Account Managers make it happen.

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Data Tracking & Reporting

You need to know your marketing dollars are working for you. At RingoFire, we help identify KPIs and prove ROI. We promise to not distract you with inflated numbers and exaggerated impressions. We pinpoint activity that’s driving sales, generating leads and encouraging growth for your organization. And if something’s not working, we don’t ignore it- we change it. With a marketing tech, google ads certified team member & ads manager on staff, we openly share weekly and daily results with our clients. Reporting not only helps prove successes, but helps us refine our process and A/B test a variety of tactics. Our level of targeting and data collection is second to none.