RingoFire’s New Kicks

By Todd Johnston | January 29, 2020

How does the old phrase go?


“The cobbler’s kids have no shoes”?


This phrase seems appropriate as I look back on the journey that was RingoFire 2.0, the internal name we awarded our website project. (Clever, I know.) At the start, the idea seemed so far out of reach. If I’m honest, it was a tad overwhelming to think about pouring time into a project specifically for our company.

Since 2016, it’s been our business to make sure our clients’ brand and digital presence are polished and profitable. Was this really necessary to do for RingoFire? Did we really have the resources to self-indulge? Yes. And YES. It wasn’t just necessary, it was crucial.

That’s not to say it was easy, playing Tetris with other deadlines and creative blocks, but the entire team pulled together and made it happen – putting in many additional hours to bring our dream to fruition. It was a challenge, fighting to balance our clients’ needs while tending to our own. But here we are; having burnt plenty of midnight oil, we crossed the finish line.

RingoFire required and deserved the proper footwear to run the race and better showcase our craft. I’m so thankful to the full RingoFire team who put in the extra hours to wrap this enormous project. I am so proud of the outcome!


We’re finally ready to break in RingoFire’s new pair of kicks. Introducing RingoFire.com.


Special Thanks to Mike Johnson, Stephanie Orr, Carlee Ashy, and Will McCarty for going above and beyond to help complete this massive website project.



“This new website is an example, statement, and reflection of the hard work our team puts in both day and night. It’s a tribute to our clients, partners, and extended work family…and it sparks the dawn of a new era for the FireSquad!”

– Brian J. Stearns | Founder & CEO